SCRAPPER Bodyweight Conditioning Mod. 1


SCRAPPER's Bodyweight Conditioning Tape Vol. 1 $39.00

NOTICE: The Volume 1 videos are currently sold out! Please contact me for more details.



The long awaited SCRAPPER Bodyweight Conditioning video is here! This video is actually a two tape set that is almost 4 hours in length and contains 5 bodyweight workouts designed to make you leaner, stronger, and harder!

Purchase these tapes only if you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life! These workouts contain dozens of different exercises that will work your body like never before. This is done so that if you are unable to perform a particular exercise you can substitute it with another and still keep working out! Compare that to tapes that are priced at hundreds of dollars and only show you 2-3 exercises and one way to work out.

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