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Welcome to the #1 Bodyweight Conditioning site in the world!

ScrapperWelcome to, The #1 bodyweight and conditioning website in the world. At TFS, we specialize in high-intensity exercises and training drills for sport, athletics
and general populations.

In addition to bodyweight, we utilize a variety of “low-tech” tools like sandbags, sport bands and good old fashion iron.

Take some time to check out our training products below. The quality and effectiveness of our DVDs and eBooks are absolutely TOP NOTCH and we stand by our products 100%. Check them out and see for yourself.

Keep Training Hard!

- Scrapper

Blackjack Black Jack Fitness is a 136 pg. Total Fitness System, complete with training guidelines, written and visual descriptions of every single exercise as well as a simple to use nutrition program.  It's specifically designed to target and improve your strength, stamina and flexibility - simultaneously!
mod1 The 5-disk Mod. 1 Bodyweight Conditioning Program is designed to enhance your body's ability to handle and perform large amounts of work. Every exercise used in these workouts was chosen for it's ability to build muscle, burn fat, strengthen your cardio-respiratory system and develop hardcore levels of mental toughness. 
Conceived by a Navy Diver, then developed and tested by the best trainers in the fitness industry, Card PT promises to bring new life to your training. Card PT comes with multiple training templates to choose from and multiple training tools to utilize, allowing literally UNLIMITED workout combinations. Even as you get stronger, faster and more conditioned, Card PT continues to test your limits.