If you've ever imagined a street or bar fight
there's a good chance that B. Bryant has gone through it.

B. Bryant Bill is a man who was raised in a family, and area, of bootleggers where violence was a way of life, and his training in fighting and firearms started at the age of 5. Joining the Navy in the 1950's, boozing and brawling through many of the worlds major ports put him in the position to prove or disprove what he had learned in martial arts training and "bull sessions" with others who had been there. B. Bryant is the real deal in a world filled with self-proclaimed "masters" of martial arts.

This small book is packed with information and is refreshingly jargon-free. The fight stories are genuine and B. Bryant uses his entertaining tale-telling ability to emphasize the point of how to use a specific technique. The training recommended requires no equipment purchasing whatsoever. Instead, he tells how you can make some of your own equipment and where to get other things you might decide to buy. Last, but maybe best, is how to train yourself mentally to deal with an uncertain and violent world...and survive.

This is simple, straight-forward, no BS information that has been proven in the real world. There are no complex moves or techniques that require years to master, just practical training information that emphasizes what happens in the real world, and how to deal with it.

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Read what others have to say about Strictly Street Stuff:

"I was interested in the book as my training has focused more on the mental state needed in a real fight accompanied by tried and true techniques versus knowing hundreds of strikes/holds and never talking about mindset at all. With that said, I'm very much looking forward to what you have to share."


"This book is AWESOME in what it contains in such concise form (and at a great price!) I have been meaning to do a long review of it, but I'm not sure I can improve on jonwell's excellent early review. I'll try to add my 2 cents in more detail soon-ish. I will for now say it compares favorably with any of the works by the "reality fighting" guys I've read (Geoff Thompson, Marc "Animal" MacYoung, etc.)"


"Ali is correct. MUCH practical information in a tight, concise format. Personal anecdotes are so interesting & relevant that you'd want to sit by him at the bar & buy him beers all night just to keep him talking. Great read, definitely causes one to take pause and review your their own mindset and approach towards perosnal protection. Good stuff."


" I read mine over the weekend. I can honestly say that was the best six bucks I ever spent... except for this one time in Gulfport MS, but i don't have time to get into it. :)

Thanks for the great read, Grandpab!"


" It's a great read. The lack of pictures doesn't hurt since Grandpab's directions are clear and precise. And somehow the personal touch of his autograph inside the front cover makes it even better, knowing that are real person wrote this and wants to pass along his hard-earned knowledge."


" I just received my copy this morning, and finished this afternoon. Great book! More confirmation on what really works on the street. I let everyone on the Battlefield Forum know about this little gem."

-David, Hamilton Ohio Close Combat

"I can say this, I worked for years as a bouncer in some really nasty dives in the deep south, and grandpabs book has the best advice Ive ever read relating to real life fighting. The guy has obviously been there and done that, and lived to tell the tale."


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