We usually know the answer before we ask, we just want someone else to tell us we're right

Every single day we are bombarded with magazine articles, television commercials, or the latest fitness guru telling us that "brand X" or "routine Y" is the latest and greatest way to achieve our health and fitness goals. How do we sort through all the slick marketing and double-talk to find out what can help us achieve our goals? That's what this FAQ is all about.

We'll start this section off with one of the most important questions I get and eventually start dealing with some of the more common training questions I get in my emails:

-Who is SCRAPPER and why should I buy his fitness tapes or attempt his workouts?
-What is on these videos?
-What's different about this tape than other fitness tapes and instructors?
What can I expect from these workouts?


Who is SCRAPPER and why should I buy his fitness tapes or attempt his workouts?

Here's a little information about who I am:

I was a Navy Diver for 10 years with 4 of those years spent as support for Navy SEALs in Hawaii. I am one of the few non-Special Forces personnel to attend, and graduate, the SEAL Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor Course. I trained with World Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Two Time World Racquetball Champion, and Super Brawl Champion, Egan Inoue for 3 years. I fought, and won, Future Brawl 6 (an 8 man, No Holds Barred competition) in 1996 and I won my professional fighting debut in Super Brawl 13 in 1999.

I also began, and still lead, Basic Training by Fish; a military style fitness class based on my training experiences in the military and training for competitions. This class has been used by military dependents, active duty military members from all branches of service, Federal Law Enforcement Officers, Federal Fire Fighters, military personnel preparing for Navy Dive School, BUD/s (SEAL training), and SAR (Search and Rescue Swimmer) Training.

Basic Training by Fish is now the official program used by military commands in Pearl Harbor to get active duty military members up to physical fitness standards. At the time of this update Naval Station Pearl Harbor had sent me 57 active duty personnel who had failed the physical fitness test. When testing time came around...every single person got off "failure" status! Having learned lessons from the last cycle of tests, Naval Station has made some modifications to how they do things and starting to really focus on the health of their shipmates. They just finished a new sets of physical fitness tests and they are sending me a new group of people starting Monday, December 2nd. This time the group isn't just's going to be 115! Why are they sending all these people to my class?

Because the results spoke for themselves and they know the program delivers!

Basic Training by Fish was also the only program used to get candidates prepared for SAR Training and enjoyed a 100% success rate with everyone that attended the class and then went on to SAR school! I'm also an administrator in the Strength and Conditioning Forum at and have helped many fellow martial artists prepare for competitions with very successful track record.

As you can see, I've spent over a decade using bodyweight exercises to get myself, and others, into different stages of fitness from basic levels to fighting fit or competitive levels of conditioning.

So what is on these videos?

The videos contain 2 of the original bodyweight routines, plus 3 additional workouts that I've posted for fellow martial artists at and used in my fitness classes. Depending on your level of fitness the workouts range from Easy to Very Difficult but they are designed for everyone!

People have used these workouts to get into the best shape of their lives!

The videos can be used in a follow along fashion or as an instructional guide for you, you and your training partners, or you and your dojo! Use the tapes as motivation as I perform each workout with you and offer substitute exercises for those that can't keep up yet so that everyone can get a workout!

What's different about this tape than other fitness tapes and instructors?

While other so-called instructors or tapes promise unrealistic benefits or make ridiculous comparisons to the animal kingdom, have gimmicks or create silly, futuristic sounding terms that have no scientific basis to promote their workouts, I do not. These workouts are based on the highly successful training principle known as High Intensity Interval Training.

These tapes, and these workouts, are not intended to show anyone what I can do. I don't run the participants in my fitness programs into the ground with exercises in the hundreds of reps to make myself feel better like some so-called instructors out there do. These videos, and the workouts on them, are designed to show you what you can accomplish.

These videos are meant to be an interactive experience. I don't want you to purchase the video, watch it, put it on the shelf and let it collect dust. I'm on the Strength and Conditioning Forum every day to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals! I won't charge you thousands of dollars to be part of my special club or set myself on a pedestal and alienate myself from you. My goals are to help you get in shape, win competitions and live a healthier life!

What can I expect from these workouts?

Those that have done the workouts, or participated in my classes, have reported such benefits as: increased lean muscle mass, decrease in body fat, increase in strength, cardio-respiratory enhancement, increased body awareness for combat sports, strength levels with weight training maintained and increased, and muscular endurance!

Can you expect the same types of gains that the thousands who have tried these workouts made? Of course you can! The results are going to be a direct reflection of the effort you put into these workouts, but that is why I do all the workouts with you. Anyone can stand around and tell you what to do...I show you what to do! How can you go wrong?

How often should I perform these workouts?

Leading these fitness classes is part of my job and I usually lead 2 classes a day, 5 days a week. A lot of people look at this as some sort of goal but I advise against it! For the majority of people who attend my classes, try the free workouts on this site, or purchase my tapes, I usually suggest doing the workouts 2-3 times per week depending on how you feel. Any more than that and you're liable to over-train and experience regress instead of progress.

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