I run my classes on two big softball fields that are back to back. I don't really have any extra equipment for the people to use so over the years I've had to make do with what's available. One of the best things we have out there are the steel bleachers I'm doing this squat on and a huge set of them right behind home plate.

We've been doing "Bleacher Squats" for a few years now and the bleacher set up provides a quick 15-20 minute leg thrashing that can be either a workout in itself or a great warm-up for more stuff back on the field. The first day we did Reverse Bleacher Squats people were looking at me as if I'd lost my mind because they looked really easy. I have to admit, they do. We did a quick set of 10 and switched sides to do another set.

By the third set I could already hear the complaining! To make matters worse, I threw in some Reverse Squats between every other set (you know, to balance things out) and by the top of the bleachers, the swearing and deep inhalation of breaths between gritted teeth as the legs had to be moved was more than enough proof that this exercise was a keeper!

Quick note: Take a look at the pictures below. See how I'm standing with one foot on the ground and other other on the bleachers? This can be a good place to start if you lack the flexibility to really get all the way down into the proper starting position. Once you get good at doing these, you can have both feet up on the bleachers (one lower, one higher) which really increases the range of motion of the exercise. If you're not sure, start slow and build up.



Pic. 1

For the Reverse Bleacher Squat find some bleachers, or a bench, like the one pictured in pic. 1. Look at pic. 2 and notice that if you were standing on the ground, your feet would be right about shoulder width. From the position in pic 2, drop your weight down towards the leg that is higher so that your butt cheek is almost touching your heel.

Two things that people do during this exercise is 1) bring that lower knee in towards centerline as they drive up and 2) come up on the balls of their feet with either foot or both. DON'T DO THESE THINGS!

Keeping your toes pointed outwards (a little less than 45 degrees for the top foot and a little more than that for the bottom foot) and making sure your knees track in the same direction should prevent the knee from coming in. If not, focus on it so it doesn't just mysteriously do so!

The last point is to make sure your feet are flat on the bench and ground at all times. This means that when you first drop down you may have to shift your lower foot a bit more forward than the higher foot and turn it out a bit more if you're not flexible enough to keep your feet in the same line. If you feel you're going to fall forward, put your hands out in front of you for balance.

Pic. 2

From the bottom position, simply push your body up so that your lower leg is straight and you'll be standing just like me in pic. 2. Lower yourself back down until your butt cheek is practically touching your heel (or as far as your flexibility will allow) and drive up for another rep. Once you hit 10 (or whatever you're shooting for) switch sides and work the other leg from a higher position.

Make sure you keep the reps the same for each side. If you're feeling adventurous, throw in a quick set of Reverse Squats or Bootstrappers after every other set! Remember...I said "IF" you're feeling adventurous....


If you want to see how this seemingly simple exercise can make you walk funny for a few days then you need to check out the Round and Round workout or follow along with the workouts in my SCRAPPER Bodyweight Conditioning Mod. 1.

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