Most grapplers know that their abs don't work by themselves during competition and a 6-Pack is worthless if it's "all show and no go."

Spend too much time working on isolation exercises, instead of functional ones, and your opponent will be adding another notch in his Win column while you get to hear about how noble it was that you "did your best."



Pic. 1

To begin this exercise sit down on the ground with your back straight and your legs straight out in front of you. Lean your upper body back about 45 degrees, placing your hands on the ground just forward of your shoulders to maintain balance, and lift your feet approximately 6 inches off the ground. Imagine pulling the bottom of your ribcage towards your hips and keep your abs tight to avoid excessive curving of the spine! (pic. 1)

Pic. 2

From here, simply raise your feet to eye level (or what your current level of flexibility allows) and bring them back down to the starting position to complete one rep. Remember to keep your abs tight to prevent excessive curving of the spine! (pic. 2)

Check out the video below to see the Sitting V-Up in action!

If you want to see how this seemingly simple exercise can work your entire body then you need to follow along with the workouts in my bodyweight conditioning videos.

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