It should be pretty obvious that I love leg work. Why? Usually because leg work quickly points out the weak link in most people, including myself. If this weren't the case, I wouldn't get so many emails, or complaints from people in my classes about something as simple as the Bootstrapper.

Remember that training is all about doing something that your body considers so challenging that it simply has to adjust/adapt.

The Kneeling Jump is one of my favorite travelling drills used during the workout Creeping Death in the Mod. 1 program. I call it a travelling drill because while it's possible to perform this exercise in one spot by jumping straight up, I prefer to see how far the people in my class and I can jump at the end of each rep. Believe me, when you have to travel between 2 cones set about 20 feet apart, you want to develop enough power to jump as far as you can and do the least amount of reps!



Start simply on your knees. Easy so far, right?

Drive your arms and hips upwards towards the sky. The goal here is to get enough height to be able to pull your feet directly underneath your body


If you get enough height in the last stage, you should be able to land flat on both feet. This stage is critical! You do NOT bob up and down prepping for the next part of the exercise!


From the previous position, there is simply an explosive jump UP AND FORWARD!

After landing, you simply drop back to your knees and get ready for the next rep.

In the Mod. 1, I have you perform this exercise for time but I've also done it for reps or distance. It all depends on how challenging you want your workout to be!

Here's a video taken directly from the Mod. 1 showing you how it's done!



If you want to know how to incorporate these into a killer workout, check the kickass SCRAPPER Bodyweight Mod. 1!


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