A friend of mine once wrote up a training program that consisted of two antagonistic movements performed back to back for 20 minutes (like squats and pullups or deadlifts and dips). The object was to keep track of how many reps you were able to complete in the alloted time. Your goal for the next workout was to increase the number of reps completed.

So, there I was, sitting in the gym, bored, and trying to figure out a way to maximize the efficiency of the routines I had my clients performing (as if they're not brutal enough!). I was looking for a way to combine certain exercises with the various tools that I had at my disposal.

This initially started out as a really sick way of doing Bootstrappers, but I couldn't figure out the proper mechanics and kept it as a squatting motion...Keep reading for the rest!



This is actually the starting and midway point of the exercise. I say it's the starting point because this is where you set your balance point up correctly.

Notice that I'm sitting almost straight down, my shins are pretty much perpendicular to the floor, and my lower back is straight, like I'm doing a regular squat.

At this point, the band is holding me up. If I were to let go, I'd fall backwards.

You'd probably like me to fall, wouldn't you?

(pic 1)

To rise up, I push my feet away from my body and come up at a slight back angle. Notice that I don't straighten my knees completely out.

Keeping your lower back tight and your knees flexed will prevent you from getting pulled forward into a face-plant. (pic 2)







OK, now you're starting the exercise.

Drop down to the bottom position and remember to maintain tension on that band! (pic 3)






Dig your feet in again and rise up. When you get to the top position, pull the band towards your chest.

Let the band out, with control, and drop back down to the bottom position until you've done the desired number of reps.

One more thing:

Notice that I have an underhanded grip on the band. You're free to use any of the grips I show for pullups on my Lots O Pullups page.

In case you need more of a visual, here's a look as to how this exercise is done:

Keep me posted on how you implement this exercise into your training programs!

Contact me if you have any questions:

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