I recently attended Scott Sonnon's CST Delta Cadre and it was amazing! One of the things that Scott immediately addressed was that Clubbells aren't just for upper body exercises and then proceeded to demonstrate several drills that really drove home our appreciation for Scott's love for demanding Clubbell® exercises.

The Rocket Drill, like most things on this site, doesn't look very hard at first glance but after 2 solid days of different variations I had a hard time walking and considered taking a novel with me to the restroom in case I was unable to get up for several days!

Laugh all you want but this drill is no joke!




Pic. 1


Approach the Clubbells® and get yourself ready!

This position is also the middle transition between the back and front squat position but it is NOT held for any length of time! I'm only showing it so you can see that once the Rocket Drill begins, the legs never straighten until you are done!

Pic. 2


Keep your lower back tight and swing the Clubbells® to the back squat position.


Pic. 3


From the back position, snap your hips and move into the transition to the front squat.

Remember that this position is not held for any length of time! You will flow from the position in Pic. 2 through this position directly into the next position!

Pic. 4

Now, this is the hard part for a lot of people! When the Clubbells® swing to the front squat position you must sit your butt back or you will get pulled forward on to your face!

Notice that in this position the head of the Clubbell® is still facing the ground. At no time do the Clubbells® become parallel to the ground!

Pic. 5

Eventually, as the speed of your squats becomes faster, you'll be able to sit deeper and deeper while letting the Clubbells® travel further forward. As I stated above, even though I'm squatting much deeper in this picture, the head of the Clubbells® is still facing the ground!

If you take a closer look, you'll see that the very top of the Clubbell® doesn't get much higher in this position than it does in the initial starting position. Keeping this in mind will ensure that you use your legs to move the Clubbells® and NOT your arms!

The Rocket Drill is perfect for developing SERIOUS strength endurance in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes!

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