Leading group exercises classes at one of the local beaches gives me an opportunity to test out different exercises with various training tools that I might not think about while working in a typical gym setting. The idea for the One Handed Dumbbell Squat Thrust came about when one of the class participants simply wasn't strong enough to perform either the Dumbbell Swing or the Explosive Snatch with the dumbbell that we were using for class that day.

Rather than try to switch weights for one person, and hold the rest of the group up, I came up with this exercise that works the body almost as much as the Swing and the Snatch with a lighter weight and even more so with heavier weight.

This exercise alone requires some serious effort but if you're looking for an even bigger challenge give this a try in the Squat Thrust portion of the PT for Convicts routine in the SCRAPPER BODYWEIGHT CONDITIONING MOD. 1.



Pic. 1

To begin this exercise place your feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart and hold the dumbbell directly in front of your hips (pic. 1).

Pic. 2

From the position shown in the first picture, simply drop the dumbbell to the ground between and slightly forward of your feet. Notice that my left hand is also held behind my back.

Pic. 3

Now, kick your feet back while making sure that your hips are square to the ground and the dumbbell is held directly under your chest. Keeping the dumbbell in this position ensures that your shoulder remains packed tight and that your chest is doing the majority of the stabilization.

The mistake that many people make is trying to hold this position for too long. I tell my clients to think about their feet landing on egg shells and that this position is held only for a brief moment before kicking their feet back up to the position shown in Pic. 2.

Pic. 4

Don't forget to kick your feet back to this position before moving on!

Pic. 5

From the position in Pic. 2 you have a few of different options.

One option is to clean the dumbbell to your shoulder and press it immediately overhead as shown in Pic. 6. This Clean and Press of the dumbbell is great when you are using heavier weights and might need a momentary pause before hefting the dumbbell overhead.

Your second option is to jump your feet a little bit further forward than what is shown in Pics 2 and 4 and proceed to Swinging the dumbbell over your head. This Swinging option is perfect for lighter dumbbells and workouts that are designed to develop quickness in your hip snap.

The third option is what is known as the Snatch and this can be used with either heavier dumbbells or lighter ones depending on what you are trying to accomplish. In the Snatch, the dumbbell is simply ripped directly from the ground in Pics 2 and 4, travels right next to your body and is caught in the lockout position. The Snatch is an awesome exercise that will develop serious hip snap and build your traps like crazy!

Pic. 6

For those of you willing to push your limits with exercises like this one, the Mod. 1 is what you are looking for! As stated earlier, PT for Convicts is perfectly suited for either the lighter weight Swing or Snatch in the Squat Thrust portion of the workout. Try the first Squat Thrust phase of the workout with the dumbbell held in one hand and the second phase with the dumbbell held in the other hand.

Good luck!

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