Jump Rope Sprints are keys component to the success of the SCRAPPER MOD. 1 workouts. The Jump Rope Squat is an awesome way to push your workouts to a whole new level!



Pic. 1

Start with a regular stance for the Jump Rope Sprints. Keep your elbows in tight to your body and look straight ahead.

Pic. 2

Sit your butt back and down and extend your hands out to the sides. Keeping your entire body rigid, stay in this position while you continue the sprint interval. Remember that you are only jumping high enough to let the rope pass under your feet!

When you first attempt this modification you rope speed will decrease dramatically. Don't worry! As your legs and shoulders get accustomed, you'll be able to jump faster and faster.

If you want to see how this seemingly simple exercise can work your entire body then you need to follow along with the workouts in the SCRAPPER BODYWEIGHT CONDITIONING MOD. 1.

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