Squat Thrusts are an awesome full body exercise that I use regularly in my classes. It's also one of the main exercises in the PT for Convicts workout in the SCRAPPER Bodyweight Conditioning Mod. 1. There are many ways to perform the Squat Thrust but over the years I've burned away all the extra nonsense (that others try to throw in to make it fancier than it needs to be) and focused on a few simple basics.

It's still a relatively easy exercise but I demand a high speed when I run my classes and the pace is just as brutal in the Mod. 1! Read on and enjoy!



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Stand with your feet close together and your hands at your sides. This part of the exercise shouldn't be too hard for you to handle.


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Squat Thrusts are counted in a 4 count manner. For the "1" count bend your legs slightly and place your hands flat on the floor. Notice that I'm not dropping my butt all the way down on my heels. There's a good reason for not doing that so do what I'm telling you!

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For the "2" count kick your feet back so that you are in the upright pushup position. Make sure your back is straight and you are looking forward. Keep that back straight!

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Count "3" is simply kicking both feet (at the same time!) back up towards your hands. To count one complete rep you will stand almost all the way back up. The count I maintain is very fast and extremely demanding and I advocate standing up about 3/4 of the way and then preparing for the next rep.

Squat Thrusts are used in the Mod. 1 workout titled PT FOR CONVICTS. Even though this workout is actually one of the quickest (with regards to time) it is being labeled as one of the most challenging due to the quick tempo of the exercises. If you want a serious full body workout that pulls no punches you need to check out the SCRAPPER Bodyweight Conditioning Mod. 1 today!

To learn how to incorporate Squat Thrusts, and various other full body exercises, into your daily routines check out my SCRAPPER Bodyweight Conditioning Mod. 1. If you want to hear what an audio workout using Squat Thrusts sounds like, go here.

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