Ahhh, the Reverse Squat. Such a simple exercise and yet such a brutal beat down. I started doing Reverse Squats in class because people just couldn't get the form for Shootfighter (or Hindu if you prefer) Squats. Remember that I run a class that sometimes has 50 or more people in it so I can't take the time to personally guide each individual person thru every single exercise. I have to make the exercises and workouts easy enough to understand so that everyone can follow along and that makes it easier for me to watch out for safety issues.

Feel free to throw in some Reverse Squats before or after a quick sprint or maybe after a few sets of Reverse Bleacher Squats for good measure. From the looks of those pictures, it seems like you're just standing up. How hard can it be?



Pic. 1

To begin this exercise place your feet a bit closer than shoulder width apart and drop your butt straight down. (pic. 1) Push your knees apart a bit and sit "between" them while keeping your hands out in front of you for balance. Look down and make sure that your feet are completely flat on the ground.

If you need to move your feet closer or further apart so that you can get them flat on the ground, do it.

The other point is that my knees are slightly behind my toes and never go past them during the entire exercise.

Pic. 2

From the position in picture 1 simply drive your body straight up towards the sky. Notice that I'm not coming all the way up in Pic 2. Why? Because these are done fairly quickly and people were having a tendency to slam their knees straight when we initially went all the way up.

Remember what I said about keeping your knees behind your toes at all times! In this position my knees are still behind them and I'll simply drop by butt down for the next rep.

If the pictures don't explain it well enough, here's a clip from the Mod. 1 video!
If you want to see how this seemingly simple exercise can make you walk funny for a few days, then you need to follow along with the workouts in my SCRAPPER Bodyweight Conditioning Mod. 1 or check out the latest workout: Round and Round

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