Pullups rule, baby!

Pull-ups...some people love them and some people hate them. I think they're great and that's all the really matters, isn't it? Give me pull-ups and chin-ups (weighted or not) over most any other back exercise in the gym and I'll be happy. I see too many guys come to my class with massive backs built on the lat pull down machine. 99% of the time, these guys can pull down their bodyweight and usually quite a bit more but when it comes to PULL-UPS they find that it's all show and no go. It's really sad to see a muscular guy struggle on his 3rd set of 5 pull-ups. It's even sadder when the excuses pour out.

Anyway, I get all kinds of requests for pull-ups so I thought it would be easier to just post some of the different hand positions we use in my class. If you want to read about how to increase your pull-up potential, check out these two kickass articles by Clarence Bass on two systems Pavel has talked about in the past:

Synaptic Facilitation

The Ladder

Keep in mind that these are just a few ways to do pull-ups and chin-ups. I don't have a real favorite, it's just good to have a few different ways to perform them so you can hit the back a bit differently. That and I get bored doing straight pull-ups or chin-ups. I'll post more variations as the site continues to grow.

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Pic 1

Pic 2

Regular Grip Pull-ups.

Hands just about shoulder width (Pic 1) and pull yourself up to the top (Pic 2).

Wow that was easy, huh?

Pic 1

Pic 2

Wide Grip Pull-ups.

Hands just outside shoulder width (Pic 1) and pull yourself up to the top (Pic 2).


Pic 1

Pic 2

Off-Set Grip Pull-ups.

Pic 1 is a bit fuzzy but my right hand is facing me and my left hand is facing away from me. In Pic 2 I turned around so that you could see I pull myself straight up and not turn sideways which is what some people do when they put their hands like this. Do one set with your hands this way and then your next set will have your hands facing opposite directions.

This just targets the back a little differently, putting a bit more strain on the hand that's facing you. My theory for this is because that hand is in a chin-up position and it's easier to use your biceps to assist, while your other hand is turned away and unable to pull "as much".

Like I said, that's what I think.


Pic 1

Pic 2

Close Grip Pull-ups.

With your hands this close together you really start to feel it in your biceps and forearms.

Chin-Ups would be done with your hands this far apart and facing you. Chin-ups are a bit easier than Pull-ups because you can really use your biceps to assist.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Mountain Climbers or Commando Pull-ups

Stand under the bar and place your hands one in front of the other. Remember when I talked about Off-Set Pull-ups and how people sometimes twisted sideways and how I said NOT TO? Well, don't twist doing this one either!

Some people like to pull themselves to both sides of the bar but I just pull myself to the side of the hand that's forward and on the next set, switch hands, and pull to that side. I like to keep things simple.

These could almost have a mystical, magical quality about them, couldn't they? I thought about coming up with a whole ad campaign that read like an old comic book ad, promising muscles in just a few days or something silly but decided against it. After looking at it a bit longer I decided that it's just a Pull-up after all.


I use pull-ups and chin-ups in various ways on my workouts as well as and new SCRAPPER Mod. 1!


Contact me if you have any questions: scrapperathletics@gmail.com

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